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About Contact Us

  So what makes a good Contact Us page? Here are some thoughts:


§  It needs to work
At a very basic level, the darn thing needs to work. I have been to so many webpages where the contact form is broken or doesn’t send properly. Bad look and lost business. Especially make sure it is mobile responsive as a lot of contact happens on smartphones.


§  It needs to grab attention
Of course, this is the last point whereby a potential client can change their mind. If they get sent to a horrible looking contact page you are in trouble. It needs to be visually perfect.


§  The copy needs to be extremely seductive
Seductive copy. I do mean that literally. You need to seduce the person reading the page like you would a man/woman that you really want to take on a date. Hopefully most of the selling would already have been done if they are on the Contact Us page, so this is the tiny little flirt where you get their phone number.


§  It needs to set the client up for future relations
This is really important. You need to establish some ground rules. You need to set the client up for the way your relationship is going to work in the future. Statements like, “We check our emails every day and reply even if we’re at dinner,” can send very powerful